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Company Overview

Delivering quality care – that’s why you’re in business. You have the best people delivering that care. But you don’t just depend on people – your healthcare organization also relies on complex software systems that are a key part of the term “mission critical”.

Vedant provides the technologies and personnel to ensure that your systems are delivering to the same standard as your people. Vedant’s solutions, built upon market-leading technologies developed from decades of experience, allow you to move beyond just testing and validation to focus on results and patient safety management. How? TestStream® enables you to achieve 100% validation of core processes, regardless of deployment scale, in a matter of days or hours, not months and weeks — all while analyzing system errors for root cause and risk, providing you a way to  always have the highest confidence in your HI system's ability to deliver maximum ROI and quality patient care.

We couple the innovative technologies of TestStream with market-leading expertise and unparalleled customer service so healthcare organizations around the world can always deliver best-case care to patients.  At Vedant, we’re in the business of simplifying quality governance so that healthcare organizations can focus on what matters most — delivering quality care.