For three decades, Vedant Health has provided quality assurance solutions for organizations around the world. We know your first priority is to deliver the best and safest patient care. Our goal at Vedant Health is to help you do this. Our signature technology, TestStream, together with our extensive services and our dedicated team, provide comprehensive testing and validation for clinical systems to ensure that they’re working the way they’re supposed to, without fail.

Vedant Health is based in Boulder, Colorado — a vibrant high performance technology community in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. We’re a large but close-knit team, with deep and extensive experience in the testing technology and healthcare worlds. We love what we do, and we share our clients’ commitment to saving and improving patients’ lives.

Our History

Today’s Vedant Health traces its roots back to the 1980s, when we set a goal to produce high-performance testing tools.

We created the first of a new generation of test tools with the award-winning V-TEST product set. The V-TEST innovation continues today under the OpenSTA open-source product. We started testing healthcare systems and found that the typical test tool and script approach could not handle the complexities of healthcare systems. TestStream and its revolutionary intelligence system launched. Moving on from validating airline, banking, insurance, government and space-destined systems, we made the commitment to concentrate solely on healthcare. Vedant Health is reborn, bringing a fresh approach to quality management. TestStream continues to validate healthcare systems throughout the world.

One thing that has never changed is our commitment to creating easy to use testing products that help people feel confident in their systems and applications.