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April 2016

We're moving to the Rockies!

We are moving! Since the early 1990's our corporate offices have been located in the quiet town of Newburyport, Massachusetts. This New England base of operations has served us well over time, where we were housed in one of the oldest buildings in the area for many years. However, times change, and with our expanded customer base on the West Coast and across the Pacific, and the increased demands on our intelligence system upgrade servers, we needed to be more centralized. Basically, the middle ground between Europe and Australia!

So, at the start of May we are moving to the vibrant city of Boulder, Colorado! In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder provides a centralized location for all parts of North America as well as our customers and friends across both oceans.

All of our friends and customers can reach us on the same numbers that we have always had. We are retaining our heritage as we move into the next phase of our 30 year history.

December 2015

Continuing the Healthcare Testing Evolution

As we are about to enter our 30th year in business, and our technology TestStream's 20th birthday is in a couple of months, we are looking back at how and why TestStream was "born". A computer program is BORN...? Yes — given the learning intelligence TestStream uses to test healthcare systems, coupled with its ability to share its knowledge of vendor system issues found with all other TestStream installations around the world, it is truly a virtual living entity — growing and learning continuously to provide the constant up-to-date system analysis and validation of healthcare systems.

In our first decade, we created test tools and wrote scripts to test applications. But, as we found quickly, healthcare applications are very different from any other industry. With increased system complexity and the constantly changing patient history and activity, this created a real problem for implementing effective testing strategies using the standard testing approach. Static end-to-end test scripts stopped working because of the changes occurring. The bulk of the effort was instead devoted to "fixing" static scripts to work in a dynamic environment — not a very good long-term Quality Assurance strategy or use of valuable technical resources.

In 1996, TestStream was "born" to approach the validation of healthcare clinical systems in a very unique way. Rather than script what to do next, TestStream was created and "taught" how to look at the screen and work out on its own how to determine what action or sequence of actions to perform next. This learned intelligence and accumulated system knowledge for the first time allowed an automation product to navigate through each patient journey independently, regardless of what the next action is, adapting along the way through literally thousands of patient journey test case combinations — without breaking. Now the patient has allergies defined…okay, no problem, TestStream can accommodate… Now the patient is discharged and has become an outpatient…no problem, TestStream processes it correctly. TestStream's uncanny ability to navigate the system like a human being would finally solve the problem of truly automating the large-scale testing of clinical systems, regardless of vendor version or graphical user interface customizations.

Earlier this year we released the 14th generation in this intelligence system, which was the next major leap in this "Testing Evolution" (#TestingEvolution). It allowed us to branch out quickly into other systems and to cover more areas of Cerner Millennium, Sunquest and Epic.

We are excited to leap into 2016 knowing that TestStream"s intelligent approach to maintaining healthcare systems will greatly improve the safety for patients worldwide for many years to come. Going into 2016, we already see many hospitals joining the "Testing Evolution"!

July 2015

A New Generation...

We are pleased to announce the next generation release of TestStream. TestStream is now in its 14th generation of our unique intelligence engine, invented back in 1996. This engine allows for an approach without the scripts and site customization required by standard test tools. Existing clients know that this intelligent approach to testing reaches far beyond that of typical automation test tools and manual testing efforts.

The planning for this release started nearly two years ago, and enhanced functionality has been released ahead of schedule over the past several months. As with all TestStream updates, every client has received these updates automatically and free of charge. This release laid the ground work for many new features and services we now provide. Here are some of the new features embedded within this release.

Additional Multi-Vendor Integration
With the release of our Epic testing and quality management solutions last year, there was a need to extend our unique integration system with other vendor TestStream products, such as Sunquest and Cerner. This functionality was designed ahead of those releases, and now allows far more knowledge transfer between our TestStream systems for multi-vendor environments.

Support for Extended Services - Cerner/Epic
As part of these latest intelligence updates, we have added more functionality to support a new Millennium to Epic Conversion (testing) service. A number of our clients are migrating from the Cerner Millennium to Epic HIS systems, which is a huge undertaking. Confirming that the information and build were transferred and defined the same is complex and challenging. New updates to TestStream allow us to help verify just that.

Support for Extended Services - Sunquest
In the Sunquest world, the General Testing Guidelines are a vital part of installation verification. This testing effort is labor-intensive, and is often not fully completed. These guidelines are also constantly changing as Sunquest add new functionality to the LIS system. TestStream has the ability to support every element of these guidelines through lab and blood bank for every release, including future releases.

There are a further 100+ enhancements included in the release to specifically handle new functionality in Millennium 2015, Sunquest V7.3 and V8.0, and the latest Epic releases.

Note that all existing clients will receive this updated release automatically through our standard TestStream Upgrade System.

January 2015

A new year. A new look.

Dear friends,

I am very pleased to announce the release of the new Vedant Health website. Over the past year, we've gone through a number of changes, both internally and externally. We've added new employees to broaden our services offerings and further help our clients, and created a new logo to represent our refreshed outlook. Our website is the final element.

What we truly do at Vedant Health is help our clients test their systems to ensure patient safety — and we do it well. Our new website is designed to reflect that in a way that we hope is as straightforward and approachable as we are.

We have always been a close, caring team and our new website also gives us the opportunity to share that with you. Each quarter we will feature a team member who has made that extra difference for our clients.

Vedant has been in the business of testing since 1986. Today, we've taken testing to a whole new level, focusing on health care, where it matters most. As you explore our new site, I hope you'll see how our one-of-a-kind, intelligent technology, and the knowledge of our talented nurses, medical technologists and blood bank technologists, provides the ideal approach to ensuring patient safety.

Welcome to the new Vedant Health.

Raymond Bell

October 2014

Remediator and Vedant Health Partner to Provide ICD-10 Remediation

Remediator are based in California and Texas and provide power tools to simplify the transition to ICD-10. The Remediator tool suite of Translator, Validator, Analyzer and Estimator, has been built from the ground up to quickly process thousands of codes and code groupings within seconds! By utilizing Remediator for mass code and code group processing, you will be able to free up your resources to deal with the finer details of the ICD-10 transition. Although Vedant Health's focus remains on clinical system safety, this alliance allows us to bring our clients the vital ICD-10 migration help they need.

August 2014

TxMS Becomes Part of Vedant Health

Transfusion Management Services (TxMS) is based in Tucson Arizona and has always been the leader in Sunquest Blood Bank Validations. Vedant Health and TxMS have worked closely together since 2010. With the combination of the TxMS blood bank staff and the technology in TestStream, this team brought Sunquest Blood Bank Validations up to an all new level of sophistication and coverage. We are pleased to announce that, in August, TxMS became part of Vedant Health so that we could take this collaboration and services package further into the Sunquest community.

June 2014

Gael Limited and Vedant Health Partner to Provide Blood Bank Validation Documentation Options

Gael Limited is a UK based company who specialize in Quality Management Systems (QMS). The Gael and Vedant Health partnership bring together our Blood Bank Validation expertise with Gael's flagship quality management solution, Q-Pulse, to provide a complete validation package. The process starts with entering the client's SOP documents into the Q-Pulse document management system, then the Vedant Health Blood Bank staff and TestStream provide the validation, where all test results may then be stored directly into the Q-Pulse system. This ensures a permanent, safe, location for many years, allowing anytime access for regulatory inspectors.

October 2013

AABB News Magazine Utilizes Vedant Health's Blood Bank Validation Experience

In October, the AABB News magazine publishers contacted Vedant Health to be involved in their issue relating to Blood Bank Validations. Our experience in numerous Blood Bank Validations throughout the world allows us to provide a unique perspective on what it takes to complete a full coverage blood bank validation.

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