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Customer Insight

"TestStream has significantly increased the quality of orders testing, and has uncovered many build issues which manual testing would not have uncovered." 

Sheetal Ram
Health Support Services
NSW, Australia

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Products Overview

Delivering quality care – that's why you're in business. You have the best people delivering that care. But you don't just depend on people – your healthcare organization also relies on complex software systems that define the term "mission critical".

Are you sure that your systems are delivering to the same standard as your people? What if they aren't? Would you know? At Vedant, we give healthcare organizations the means to ensure the highest levels of quality care and patient safety. How? Through decades of experience combined with automated testing and validation solutions purpose-built for healthcare systems from leading providers like Cerner, McKesson, and others.

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Vedant's solutions, built upon TestStream® technologies, allow you to move beyond just testing and validation to focus on results and safety management. How? TestStream enables you to achieve 100% validation of core processes, regardless of deployment scale, in a matter of days or hours, not months and weeks. All while delivering complete documentation and proof of accuracy required for compliance with internal standards and industry regulations.

Still dedicating valuable resources to manual testing? Would you rather have them focused on delivering quality care? If so, it's time to take a look at TestStream from Vedant.