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Customer Insight

"We've been impressed how easy it is to move TestStream to different versions of Cerner Millennium."

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Testing is hard. It consumes a lot of time and resources… let alone budget. As a matter of fact, testing is so time and resource intensive you don’t have time for anything else. What if you could reduce your testing time to days, rather than weeks or months?  What if you could do that with a fraction of the resources required today while delivering the highest levels of quality care?


Introducing TestStream

TestStream® provides customers with the ability to dramatically improve their testing capacity while simultaneously freeing personnel to realize the benefits that result from a comprehensive testing program. TestStream delivers these capabilities through the functionality delivered in three fundamental components:

TestingTestStream's automated testing capabilities dramatically decrease the time, resources, and cost typically associated with manual testing. Decades of experience with healthcare applications and environments have been built into TestStream. Our technology extracts data to build a virtual model of your environment and its unique differences. Because of this, TestStream understands all the variables in the system to develop a library of scripts necessary to complete a comprehensive test of applications in days. Coupled with the powerful Scenario Definition solution, hospitals can develop workflows that encompass interface interactions across multiple systems while expanding the scope of testing. TestStream allows you to literally complete hundreds of thousands of times more testing in the same time it would take to complete a much smaller fraction of the possible permutations through manual testing – with a comprehensive set of results that you can use to surpass your go-live objectives.

Taking advantage TestStream's ability to quickly generate comprehensive test results, organizations are able to utilize capabilities that extend well beyond the scope of standard testing regimens. Companies can act upon the reports to improve the overall quality of their healthcare applications and environment. TestStream's sophisticated analysis engine provides direction into the remediation of errors – as well as insight into the causes.

The unparalleled scope of TestStream's results and analysis provides the footing for organizations to dramatically improve the reliability and safety of their production applications. Utilizing the information about defect causes and workflow structure in the client's environment, TestStream can determine what the probable result of any given defect would be in terms of patient experience. In addition, TestStream can also characterize defects according to risk. Using these characterizations, organizations can set risk thresholds to ensure that no application can go-live if it exceeds a particular risk benchmark.

Healthcare organizations now have an alternative to manual testing for system validation and certification. TestStream provides tangible and comprehensive results, complete with testing documentation, to achieve 100% validation of core processes in a matter of hours or days, rather than weeks or months.