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All organizations have specific testing and quality metrics to evaluate systems going into production, but the absence of industry-standard measures makes it impossible to understand system functional errors relative to other systems. Typically, the functional safety of systems has been determined relative to the 'feel' of duplicate systems within the same organization.

TestStream analyzes 100% of core system functionality and understands the patient-safety implications of individual errors and the totality of all errors in any given system. As a result, TestStream can provide a comprehensive rating of your system – a HealthScore.

Management Quality Summary

The HealthScore diagnostic system health index provides a comprehensive measure of system health, allowing organizations to set thresholds, based upon system overall patient-safety, that must be met before a system can be released into Production. The HealthScore is calculated every time TestStream tests your system to provide ongoing insights for safety and quality improvement.

Ultimately, all healthcare organizations share the objective of providing the best possible care for patients. HealthScore provides organizations a means to gain visibility into the quality of healthcare systems to minimize potential problems and meet the objective of high quality patient care.

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