CPOE Validation for Cerner Millennium®

As compared to only a few years ago, today’s clinical healthcare systems provide support for managing incredibly complex patient care, including the care regimens provided by CPOE technology and the underlying Millennium PowerPlan resources. As much as these enhancements are designed to make patient treatment more straightforward and reduce the chances of medical treatment errors, verifying the on-going accuracy of these systems can be a daunting task.

Without employing an effective quality assurance plan for these systems, Meaningful Use subsidies can be unnecessarily exposed to risk.  Likewise, with less than optimal system performance, intended practice adoption rates and patient-care will certainly be diminished.

TestStream allows Millennium CPOE users to comprehensively verify the intended functionality of their CPOE systems, considering the entire care-delivery process from order placement to verification to reconciliation of charges.  And all of this can be done for your entire CPOE order catalog, providing full confidence of accurate system performance for every upgrade and enhancement; assurance of best patient-care, all the time.

Since CPOE extends across many parts of the Millennium system, TestStream incorporates expanded, feature-rich testing functionality to verify your entire CPOE catalog:

    • Powerchart Solution - Every order generated by the PowerPlan processing is taken through an inquiry and charge verification, regardless of the type of order.

    • Pharmacy Solution - Every medication order generated by the PowerPlan processing is taken through an inquiry, Pharmacy verification, EMar processing and charge verification.

    • Laboratory Solution - Every procedure order generated by the PowerPlan processing is taken through an inquiry, specimen login, resulting, order viewer inquiry and charge verification.

    • Radiology Solution - Every exam order generated by the PowerPlan processing is taken through an inquiry, start exam, stop exam, transcription, sign-out and charge verification.

This provides full confidence of accurate system performance for every upgrade and enhancement; assurance of best patient care, all the time.

Data Collection

All solutions provide an option which allows PowerPlans to be collected from the Millennium system and included for processing. For example, in the “PharmNet Configuration” Data Collection section there is a CPOE option which allows you to specify that PowerPlans should be automatically added to the Orderables List for PowerChart.


Order Sentence Selection

Since almost every orderable within a PowerPlan is selected via an order sentence, all of the solutions provide the ability to filter and process orderables by matching items in the order sentences

For example, the options within the PharmNet Configuration can be used to control what happens in PowerPlans as well as to control other medications. Often an option selected is for Order Sentences; this allows you to select medications within PowerPlans based on their dosage form (tablet, IC, etc.).


This will filter and process only those medications that match the Order Sentence selection. This standard wildcarding provides unlimited options.

Post-Processing Options

Taking the automatic processing to the next level, the solutions provide additional post-processing options to control how far the orders are taken through the system. For example, within the Pharmacy solution there is a configuration option available which indicates how the processing of product assignment is handled during verification.


After the product assignment is processed automatically by TestStream, the results can be complemented by a spreadsheet of available options that indicates what was available and which product was chosen.

Test Execution

When a validation test is executed, TestStream will automatically switch to PowerPlan processing if selected. It will order the standard PowerPlan and go through each orderable within it that matches the filter. If there are missing elements, the testing is then intensified to ensure that the appropriate orders are included or excluded as necessary.

Options exist to allow the order process to be performed by one user, then initiate process by another user and the final signing performed by another user. TestStream will log out of Powerchart or change users as necessary then relocate the patient and the PowerPlan before processing. When this order, initiate and signing process is complete, TestStream will take every individual order that came out of the PowerPlan processing and will take each one through the standard process based on the type of order (laboratory, pharmacy, radiology etc.). This follow-up processing is identified in the screen prints and on the reports, prefixed with “PP:” (PowerPlan).

Vedant has the healthcare industry’s most comprehensive testing expertise, providing thousands of hospitals worldwide confidence in delivering best-case patient outcomes, every time.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you optimize your CPOE system.