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HealthAssure Services

Every TestStream® implementation can now include the HealthAssure on-going regression testing service to keep Healthcare Information system owners informed about the health of their environment. Changes to Healthcare Information systems and their data tables can occur with alarming frequency (often daily) and put your ability to provide the highest levels of patient care at risk. HealthAssure provides you with the peace of mind that can only come with the knowledge that experts armed with in-depth system data are watching over system database and functional integrity, freeing you from the worry that system errors are interfering with your first priority – providing the highest levels of patient care.

HealthAssure provides monthly reports on the functional health of both the database(s) and application(s), recognizing configuration and customization differences among all TestStream-licensed logical facilities within your HIS or LIS deployment. In addition to monthly reports, any errors that are determined to be significant patient-safety risks are brought to your attention immediately. These critical error bulletins provide details on the exact error, patient-safety risk implications, and root-cause analysis. 

The HealthAssure on-going regression testing service delivery requires:

    • Current Program Maintenance
    • Uninterrupted, continuous VPN access to network where PCs with TestStream are installed
    • Uninterrupted, continuous VNC access to PCs with TestStream installed
    • Test-concerned applications pointed to the appropriate test domain, for the testing PCs with TestStream installed
    • IT contact for assistance with any hardware, target application configuration or access assistance
    • Clinical contact(s) for fine-tuning of regression test practices

System errors are never welcome – now you can have the key to readily finding and resolving them with no additional resource utilization. With HealthAssure you can realize maximum return on your Healthcare Information systeam investment while being able to consistently assure patient safety.