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Services Overview

Vedant provides a full set of service offerings to complement your investment in TestStream® technologies. Our service professionals provide an in-depth knowledge of TestStream capabilities and decades of testing and validation expertise in healthcare environments.

Recent studies from Hospital & Health and the Leapfrog Group have reinforced the fact that, as healthcare organizations become more technologically mature, system errors putting patient safety at risk are becoming far more common. The only way to stem the tide of system errors is through far more comprehensive testing and oversight. At Vedant, we are committed to providing the technologies and services to achieve these goals.

How do you ensure the ongoing proper routing of the thousands of CPOE catalog items, or the efficacy of tens of thousands of blood bank interaction rules? What about the countless aliases that are created and then decoded for every transaction across multi-vendor application interfaces? Do you have a simple solution to verify all of the PHI and security access functionality of you systems? Today's health informatics systems bring complex capabilities that require sophisticated management techniques.

By taking advantage of Vedant’s array of service offerings, your company will be able to establish comprehensive test management strategies, leverage an intimate knowledge of industry best practices, realize greater ROI on technology investments, and achieve higher levels of patient safety.

Contact us today to learn more about how Vedant’s services can help you get the most out of your technology investments.