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Validation is critical for Healthcare software and systems. Whether required by regulation or organizational mandate, validation is a best practice that can’t be ignored. Obviously, you first have to decide how you want to use your software — what is your intended use? After that, you have to make sure that the software can perform as you intend. Finally, what are all of the local regulations that you must contend with?

In an average healthcare organization, the possible combinations of actions, procedures, and medications that can be ordered at any given time are significant. Manual or testing tool-based testing alone cannot possibly ensure that every possible combination of actions behaves as intended. Therefore, such testing can never achieve the level of patient-safety that should be realized from application validation.

Vedant combines decades of experience serving the healthcare market with our TestStream® technology to provide complete, fully compliant validation services for your healthcare systems. Vedant personnel use TestStream to extract your system configuration data and build a virtual model of your unique environment. TestStream understands all the variables in your system and can tailor a library of scripts to complete a comprehensive validation test of applications in days. Coupled with the Scenario Definition solution, we can also develop workflows that encompass interface interactions across multiple systems, both separate facilites and multi-vendor, to provide truly comprehensive testing and system validation.