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Respecting long-held conventions to conform to validation requirements associated with AABB, FDA, ISBT and CAP, TestStream has been utilized to validate laboratory systems for almost 20 years.  Risks from HI or EHR errors to best-case care delivery and patient safety are well-recognized in this environment, and the combination of our healthcare-specific technologies and intimate understanding of these applications allows for maximum return on your investment and assurance of patient safety.

Although not quite as far-reaching as the requirements mandated for blood banks by the FDA, significant validation testing and test documentation is also required by CAP in support of their efforts to assure patient-safe results from interaction with laboratory systems.

TestStream understands all the configuration nuances of healthcare systems enabling more comprehensive and critical validation testing coverage than any alternative approach - including the ability to evaluate success of all permutations of results against order placement, for varying patient and user demographics. Vedant's technologies provide the ultimate expression CAP’s ambition to assure the absolute safety of these systems. No more guesswork about what system areas might introduce risk; today’s highly heterogeneous and multi-facilitied implementations demand critical evaluation of all areas, as just supposing where trouble may lurk is imprudent at best.

Resolving system errors is often most of the battle; with TestStream's built-in error analysis and risk-assessment tools, getting your system ready for safe Production use is remarkably quick and straightforward.

Once initial testing and validation is completed, organizations can continue to take advantage of TestStream’s powerful capabilities in an ongoing basis for patch management regression testing as well as re-testing and re-validation cycles, all at a fraction of the cost of any other option.

If you need to conform to CAP requirements, contact us today to learn more about how Vedant can help you achieve compliance in a fraction of the time and cost of any other option.