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Patient Safety

TestStream®’s automated testing and analysis technologies free organizations to move beyond testing to realize significant quality and safety benefits. Not only do hospitals receive significantly higher volume of results from each testing cycle, but also gain significant insights into the causes of defects and guidance in their remediation.  

How does this help hospitals realize higher levels of patient safety? The unparalleled scope of TestStream’s results and analysis provides the footing for organizations to dramatically improve the reliability and safety of their production applications. Utilizing the information about defect causes and workflow structure in the client’s environment, TestStream can determine what the probable result of any given defect would be in terms of patient experience. In addition, TestStream can also characterize defects according to risk. Using these characterizations, organizations can set risk thresholds to ensure that no application can go-live if it exceeds a particular risk benchmark.

Want to free yourself from manual testing? If so, it’s time to take a look at TestStream from Vedant.