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You’ve invested a significant amount of time and money in the applications and infrastructure that support the delivery of quality care. Ensuring that those applications function properly when updated and remain in compliance with regulations requires frequent and rigorous testing. The problem: Testing is time consuming and costly. In addition, it is nearly impossible to achieve comprehensive test results through manual means.

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TestStream® helps organizations gain control over the costs of testing to ensure that healthcare organizations can achieve significant return on their application investments. How? 

  1. TestStream reduces test cycles from months to weeks or days — every time you test. Utilizing TestStream as your automated testing solution therefore reduces the cost of application implementations and upgrades while providing predictable timelines for every test with a minimal burden on human resources.
  2. Charge service systems often have error rates near 1%. What is 1% of lost revenue worth to you? If you can’t find the error in the system that is causing you to underbill, you can’t fix it. TestStream’s unparalleled thoroughness of testing ensures that you’ll be able to quickly identify and fix these costly errors.
  3. Manual testing can result in unpredictable deployment and upgrade timelines.  After a single test cycle with TestStream, you can establish a reliable timetable for each subsequent test to dramatically reduce the resources needed to achieve successful deployments and upgrades.
  4. Complex HIT systems that aren’t adequately tested can result in significant inefficiencies, including errors, in the delivery of patient care. Comprehensive and thorough testing using TestStream improves HIT system functionality. As your system functionality improves, so does your ability to deliver truly efficient and safe patient care.

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