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SLA Management

You’ve made a significant investment in the systems that support the delivery of critical care services. In order for you to get the most out of the investment, these systems need to be available and functioning optimally. TestStream® helps you ensure that you get the most out of your systems by immediately identifying any defects or errors so that they can be rapidly addressed.

TestStream helps you manage internal and external service level agreements:

  • External providers — with the results you are able to retrieve from TestStream system testing, you can identify those areas that your HIS or LIS vendor is responsible for repairing.
  • Internal Customers — TestStream identifies defects and errors that can result from unique factors in your environment — enabling you to quickly remedy any build defects and ensure your systems continue to perform as your customers expect.

Service Level Agreements and objectives are a key component of successful internal and external relationships. When SLAs are not being met, vendors and stakeholders need to be quickly alerted to the problem. If you ensure that your SLAs are being met, you will have the diagnostic detail needed to quickly identify and remediate the problem and restore SLA compliance before the patient experience is compromised.