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Testing & Validation

Validation is critical for Healthcare software and systems. Whether required by regulation or organizational mandate, validation is a best practice that can’t be ignored. Obviously, you first have to decide how you want to use your software – what is your intended use? After that, you have to make sure that the software can perform as you intend. As a result, testing is the cornerstone of achieving validation.

In an average healthcare organization, the possible combinations of actions, procedures, and medications that can be ordered at any given time are astronomical. Manual testing alone cannot possibly ensure that every possible combination of actions behaves as intended. Therefore, manual testing can never achieve true application validation.

TestStream® technology extracts data to build a virtual model of your environment and its unique differences. Because of this, TestStream understands all the variables in the system to then develop a library of test workflows necessary to complete a comprehensive test of applications. Coupled with the powerful Scenario Definition solution, hospitals can develop workflows that encompass interface interactions across multiple applications and systems while expanding the scope of testing. TestStream allows you to literally complete hundreds of thousands of times more testing in the same time it would take to complete a much smaller fraction than through any alternative approach.

The result—true application validation.