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Defect Tracking

Testing is vital to the quality of your applications. Test results provide valuable insights into how and where you should apply your efforts to improve your application quality. However, finding errors is only the first part — how do you keep track of the errors you identify and remedy?

Vedant’s TestStream® provides the means to summarize and track all errors identified and isolated during test execution. The Defect Tracking module allows for issues found to be tracked from testing to resolution, and ensures that no risk-inducing error issues are ever lost in the process. 

TestStream’s test result sets are linked directly to the Defect Tracking module to ensure that any issues found during testing are logged in the system. The outcome from any supplemental manual testing can be recorded as well — creating a single mechanism for recording and tracking errors and remediation.

Defect Tracking

TestStream’s Defect Tracking module tracks defects within specified projects or test cycles — allowing users to determine the current status of testing while also providing the ability create defect trend analysis by incorporating data from previous test cycles. 

From single test projects through complete views into testing history, TestStream provides defect tracking capabilities you won’t find in any other solution on the market today.