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"The action and error detail TestStream includes with each screen shot is incredibly valuable in determining what is going on."

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Error Remediation

As healthcare systems become increasing complex, the number and complexity of errors found also increases dramatically. Identifying and remediating the errors found within critical applications, as well as determining their cause, becomes equally complex.

TestStream®’s Error Remediation and Analysis modules ensure that issues found during testing are identified, reviewed, and explained in detail. How? TestStream’s Error Analysis and Remediation capabilities are provided in two distinct phases:

  1. Data collection — TestStream uses vendor supported approaches to access the build element to provide a complete analysis of how the system was designed and built.  This configuration analysis can yield thousands of issues in the system before the application and process flows are reviewed. As the information extracted is being reviewed, different problems are cataloged and categorized. TestStream then provides a comprehensive summary of the error details in a format that allows different types of issues to be easily distributed to different groups for resolution.
  2. Validation — Subsequent to the data collection phase, TestStream’s detailed testing process identifies further problems that are frequently overlooked by traditional manual testing or alternate automated approaches. TestStream dramatically simplifies the classification and management of error resolution through built-in identification and tracking capabilities. Due to the sheer number of problems found during testing the ability to quickly identify the reason for the issue and to manage the issues is paramount.

Upon completion of all testing, detailed reports provide thorough error analysis information. TestStream’s results analysis system provides details, feedback, and explanations of identified errors and the most likely cause as well. As more results are reviewed, the error analysis system learns how issues are found in the current system and automatically adjusts error explanations based upon new knowledge of the current system.

Coupled with TestStream’s powerful Defect Tracking capabilities, the Error Analysis and Remediation module helps organizations develop a comprehensive program covering the full spectrum of testing through risk mitigation.