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Risk Analysis

TestStream®'s Risk-based Quality Governance module provides a means for identifying risks associated with specific error types and prioritizing testing and error remediation according to the implications those risks have for patient safety.  You can be aware of the patient-care risk implications of any system change before go-live.

TestStream provides valuable insight into system integrity and error levels, allowing organizations to focus on minimizing system errors and reducing patient risk. Furthermore, TestStream’s comprehensive risk identification enables the scheduling of test cycle activity can be prioritized based upon level of risk while establishing protocols for re-testing to verify error remediation.

Risk Analysis

Taking advantage of TestStream’s comprehensive risk identification and management, organizations can recognize significant benefits:  

  • Manage sensitivities to patient risk according to system treatment interaction levels established by the FDA and other regulatory bodies.
  • Fully qualify application go-lives — whether for new builds or routine migrations and patches — against enterprise healthcare production system safety standards. Insight into, and management of, healthcare system safety is now always available.


  • Manage testing schedules, deployment timelines, personnel needs, and vendor collaboration for remediation relative to the scale and risk of current application problems.
  • Maximize the ROI of healthcare system investments through a thorough understanding of the integrity and functional performance of the healthcare applications.

TestStream provides levels of risk management that are simply not available in other solutions today. Take advantage of Vedant’s decades of healthcare specific experience to dramatically reduce risk while improving patient safety.