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Train Domain Population

The Train domain is critical to ensuring that personnel can be trained in the use of your healthcare systems through the simulation of real-time, “day-in-the-life” clinician roles. In order for the Train domain to be most effective, it must contain meaningful test data and up-to-date reflection of functionality.

Because of privacy requirements, the train domain contains no real patient data, only test patients assigned to the training units. Due to the practical limitations that accompany building and populating the train domain, the patient names, demographics, and medical data are often leftover test data created by programmers instead of realistic medical cases.

Populating and troubleshooting train domains after every refresh is manually-intensive and time consuming process that often leads to inconsistent results. Synchronizing domains by providing realistic teaching scenarios with the test data requires obtaining access to a number of different clinician roles which require different logins for each role. As a result of these complex and time-consuming requirements, re-synchronization is infrequent at best

TestStream dramatically decreases the time, resources, and costs associated with building and maintaining a Train Domain. Our technology quickly extracts data to build a virtual model of your environment and its unique differences while understanding all the functional components and variables in the system. Utilizing TestStream, you can populate your train domain with a complete and up-to-date representation of your production environment with the push of a button.

The result? More frequent train domain updates that include realistic test data, scenarios, interactions, and hospital information for training your personnel.

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