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November 2019

More Than Safety…Revenue Cycle and Billing Validations

Today, November 3rd 2019, our company has been around for 33 years! For our extended family and customers who have been with us from the start, we want to thank you for your continued support. For those of you who know us well, you see that we have always had true quality assurance and patient safety at our very soul. TestStream, our flagship product set, is engineered at its heart to test healthcare systems deeply to promote and ensure that patient safety. Over the past two years we have concentrated our efforts in the blood bank validation world, and have been beyond busy!

We continue that safety commitment, but have also been working tirelessly over the past 8 months to build our new series of features and services which allow this same intelligence-driven technology to be applied to test billing and revenue cycles. Safer patients, coupled with validating every part of the billing system, provides the complete package. This project started with one client reaching out for billing help, then another, then another, and here we are today with that ability to help everyone.

The good news about this feature set is that it is built directly into the existing TestStream solutions, so all of our existing customers have access to it immediately and freely. We have built new services around this in-depth testing, and have extended our HealthAssure® Seasons regression testing services package to include this ever-important billing aspect of testing.

Please feel free to contact us for more details on this ingenious, yet straight-forward, approach to billing and revenue cycle testing.

Raymond Bell

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March 2019

CMS - Protecting the Health and Safety of all Americans

By: Seema Verma, Administrator, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
March 8, 2019

Despite stringent safeguards, alarming stories continue to be reported about people, including some of our most vulnerable individuals, who have experienced harm in healthcare settings that is devastating to these patients and their families. These include cases of sexual, physical, or mental abuse; neglect and medical mistakes resulting in death; and serious and life-threatening injuries or impairments.

September 2018

Blood Bank Validations — New Service Offerings

For three decades we have provided one-of-a-kind technology to improve quality in systems worldwide, from the original award-winning V-TEST test tool to our unique intelligence engine TestStream®. For the past two decades our TestStream-based validations have improved the lives of countless patients all over the planet. However, healthcare environments change, and we are changing with them.

As we complete hundreds of facility blood bank validations each year, we see how impressed the regulatory inspectors are of the validation packages we deliver. So, when we saw that facilities were finding it more and more difficult to create the necessary testing machines for these validations, we wanted to provide a no-hardware-requirement validation that continued to deliver the same results package.

Today, in addition to our proprietary, broad-spectrum, intelligence-based learning engine, TestStream, we have introduced two new testing options; a classic validation approach and a hybrid approach. Classic Validations allow our on-staff experienced blood bankers to provide the AABB-requirements based validations, and deliver the same validation packages inspectors know and trust.

Doing much more than just “checking the box”, conforming with the validation testing mandates required under FDA, ISBT, AABB, CAP, Joint Commission, EU and Australian guidelines. Our best-in-class services, deliver comprehensive and efficient OQ (Operational Qualification) validation for Cerner Millennium, SCC Soft, Mediware HCLL (WellSky) and Sunquest blood bank systems. Just choose the one that best fits your environment.

Once again, technology coupled with the right people provides the right approach!

Raymond Bell

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March 2018

Time Flies…

As we leap into Spring, it is time to reflect on where we came from and what our future holds. In mid-March, we celebrated TestStream's 22nd birthday. Would you believe that in a small hotel in New York in the early hours of the morning, a software program could be born which would improve the lives of many patients for years to come? Well, in this technology age there are many pieces of software out there that have a wide-ranging impact, such as Facebook and Twitter etc. TestStream is unique in that it is a testing product… Again, there are dozens of good testing products out there that have stood the test of time. But, again, TestStream is unique. About 90% of the people who hear for the first time what TestStream can do — the fact that it uses intelligence to work out how to test the hospital system — they simply do not believe it. As we look back, those original skeptics are now our most steadfast customers and friends, having lived with TestStream for a while now. It is difficult to comprehend… an automated testing product which does not have a test tool underneath, and no scripts. But, it is this branching away from scripts more than two decades ago which not only makes TestStream so unique, but also why it is so successful.

Technology is great. However, just technology on its own is cold. Over the years we have hired different people from different backgrounds, and with that comes a collective which covers over 400 years of in-depth hospital validation experience. We are no Spring Chickens, but what we are doing is making a difference, and improving the quality of hospital systems. It is the marriage of technology and people who both care and know what they are doing that makes Vedant Health a success. We welcome the skeptics, as it gives us the ability to gain new friends. Seeing is believing!

Already this year we have put this technology to use for Cerner, EPIC, Soft, and Sunquest sites. We have found that the EPIC arena has great test tools surrounding it. Their big problem, as with all test tools — good and bad — is that with each new version of EPIC, they need re-scripting. EPIC 2018 is a nice leap forward in technology and the folks in Wisconsin have done well creating a nice EHR system. Our "news" at this point through the year is that we have been validating more EPIC sites than ever before. TestStream's ability to simply not care about the version, since it is not scripted, means that it is just moving through.

For more than six months now, we have been working with the teams at Soft Computer. What a wonderful, caring group! Collaborating with different groups at Soft, has provided some exciting and very in-depth blood bank validations for our mutal customers. This collaboration will continue.

Our investment in validating these complex and ever changing systems continues…

Raymond Bell

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August 2017

Partners and Projects…

The first half of this year has been very exciting for us all at Vedant Health! After completing the office move from Massachusetts to Colorado last year, we were ready to settle down for a quiet time. Well, that did not happen… Working on projects from South Australia to South Carolina, we've been very busy and having a lot of fun as well! Many new customers (large, very large, and small) reached out to us for help, prompting us to bring onboard some additional high quality people to manage the most facility validation projects at one time than ever before in the long, 30 year history of our company.


We have always been known for our one-of-a-kind extensive Blood Bank Validations, but this past year, word of our services reached many more facilities than we could have possibly imagined! Within the first half of this year, we were providing extensive Blood Bank Validation Services for dozens of facilities concurrently for just one customer!

After many years of developing and tuning our BBV products and services, it is nice to be recognized as the single Blood Bank Validation service choice for Cerner and Sunquest… and coming soon, SCC Softbank.

We are looking forward to helping these clients with the rest of their LIS and HIS system validation requirements over the coming months.

In 2017 our starting goal was to provide as much completely automated validation for our clients as possible. We completed part of this goal by creating our new Quality Assurance Validation system.

This significant time saving enhancement adds a complete validation of the Sunquest QA definitions to our existing TestStream for Sunquest Laboratory solution, in just a few clicks of the mouse!


All QA Definitions are displayed for selection and TestStream generates all of the required testing scenarios. These generated scenarios will register patients by the appropriate age and gender, then order and result according to the QA method and ranges selected, and then performs an enquiry on the final result. ALL Reference Ranges are validated at the click of a button!

This same functionality will be released soon for our Cerner Millennium and Epic Hyperspace clients … and as with all TestStream enhancements, all customers receive these free of charge!


I am very pleased that our relationship with SCC Soft is allowing multiple validations to be happening at the same time. All of the SCC Soft folks have the same dedication to quality and patient safety as we do, making collaborations smooth and easy.

As part of this relationship, we have developed a complete SoftBank Blood Bank Validation service, with our famed accompanying TestStream products for blood bank. This three phase validation approach has led to continued massive coverage and excellence in providing the regulatory inspectors more than they expect.

Next year we will be involved in validations across all of Cerner, Sunquest, Epic and SCC Soft as well as our leap into Haemonetics next… and who knows where else the year will take us! End-to-end, multi-vendor interface and integration validations have been the most prevalent and favorite projects of the year, which has helped shape TestStream's 15th generation release. We are ready for what the 16th generation of TestStream holds in store…

Raymond Bell

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